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Monday, October 8, 2012

Patchwork Quilt Day - 8

             Day 8

"And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful." (Colossians 3:15 NLT)

Somedays I feel so tired and want to wrap up in my unrepaired quilt and hide.

This view of the quilt has all the light behind me and the quilt is in complete shadow. That makes me think of the online study I did with Renee Swope, A Confident Heart. She tells of a day that she realized that when we are in the shadow that means Jesus has our back. He is the light of the world. If He is behind us things will be in shadow, but He "has our back".

My Thankful Dares for today: are 3 things prayed for:

1) sisters in Christ to love and to love me

2) my children to love the Lord and contribute to their community

3) My box of stationery.

Our library reading program this summer at the local library had a drawing. I always read and some summers more than others. This summer I only put in 4 submissions  but I won one of the weekly drawings with a $10 Barnes and Nobles gift card. I bought stationery that was marked down.

Last week I sat down with all the notes and things from the retreat and sent thank you notes to the people who were key in giving me a super weekend. Our pastor's wife wasn't there, but she had made the cutest program and a little wall hanging with the same picture that was in a envelope on our beds with a note saying that she missed us and a mint enclosed. There was so much sweet stuff at the retreat I waited until I wrote her a note to savor the flavor.

I love to get mail, but I love to give mail even more.

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