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Sunday, August 14, 2016

School Starts this Week

Why would I sit in the sand in a sundress when it is 60 degrees and raining?

...because where I live it is 108 degrees with no breeze.

I spent the last week of Summer break in San Francisco.

Japanese Garden 

Golden Gate Park

Jasmine Tea and cookies

Ferry Ride from Pier 1 Ferry Building to Sausalito 
Kufu Ya Restaurant
Ranger Bear ate food from around the world

Ghirardelli Square

"There are so many fabulous faraway places to see! 
Such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri! 
There are so many exciting & wonderful places!"

I think they are all represented in San Francisco.

Gull supervising the crowd at Pier 39
Bull Sea Lion pretending to be an otter after he was pushed off the raft
Ranger Bear in the Flower Conservatory

Ranger Bear became real guy in the Magic of Golden Gate Park
Smiling for the street artist
The street artist had a lot of imagination 

Thanks to my Dad and sister, Elaine, who made this the most amazing vacation in my life.
Also a special thanks to my niece, Kate, for letting us stay in her 4th floor walk up. Elaine and I walked all over San Francisco (averaged 6 miles a day), rode buses, drove in the car and took a Ferry. We ate: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, a great Napa buger and Italian . I got my shoes fixed by a cute little old man in a Russian Shoe Repair and we had our picture drawn by a Street Artist. We bought etched glass from a local California man and chop stick holders made in Japan. I tasted: Mochi, Yam Candy, Irish Coffee and Miso soup for the first time.
We saw Sea Lions on Pier 39 and rode a Ferry from Pier 1 to Sausalito and back. The last full day we spent in Golden Gate Park walking from the Japanese Garden to the Flower Conservatory. They had the final days of the Dalai exhibit. Ranger Bear turned into a real guy for a few minutes in the magic of Golden Gate Park.

After a week of filling my "Pamper Deena" shelf to the top...
we came back to Sacramento to see this lovely lady...
who is making me a grandma in the next week.
Tomorrow begins the new school year with two days of meetings and our kiddos with their bright shiny faces show up on Wednesday morning. I will be starting my day with the Stop Sign by the upper cross walk at 7:45 am and end after the last kiddo gets picked up at the YMCA at 6 pm. 

I was reminded today of Matthew 19:14 The Kingdom of God is only 4 feet off the ground. I am living my life with the Children of God around me and I ask for your prayers as God uses me in the public school system.

My place to meditate in the morning