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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Everyday Miracles

 Happy 6 month Grammie day to me.

Today is Emelia's 6 month birthday, but the road is flooded in places along I-5 and I just don't like to drive in the rain. She called and chatted with me a few nights ago. Em is quit a talker, besides being the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

I wish Grammie was here.

Good morning Grammie! 

Empty Nest

May 1996 I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
Cincho de Mayo was never the same for us.

The little boy became a man.

Ian almost 21 years old
Then yesterday this happened:
The young man moved out

bike and Legos behind the screen all that remain

Flip the page...new chapter

I'm still sorting through Moll Anderson's color book. Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color. I had an aversion to the avocado color of the 1960's, since all the dirty fixtures of my home for the last 28 years had been that color. With this book I was able to buy a chair and reconcile myself to that color and get a bar stool/step stool in the process.

My reconciliation stool
On to other parts of my color journey...

I created a little Zen garden
However,it got flooded. Note to self keep it dry, or I will feel as though my head is underwater, or maybe it is just the effect of our seasonally early flowers blooming from all the rain.

View from my sink
Very odd having this open space, which for the past year and a half has been occupied by my son.
My Happy Board
I initiated a card and encouragement program among my coworkers. This has a few of the Happy Notes I have been given. "If you want a friend, be a friend".

The cloudy view
To date we have had 37 inches of rain since Oct. 1. The average rainfall is 34 inches a year  in Redding. The past two years we have been in a drought with not much more than 24 inches of rain a year. I love having the rain, but it has been a challenge to keep my "Happy" on all the time when the sky is like this day in and day out.

My new wind chime sounds like a bike bell
I found this beauty at a yard sale yesterday. It is leaded glass, sweet chimes and the wings of the hummingbird are on a hing. I cant wait for the wind and rain to die down, so I can hang it higher and enjoy the tickle and light through the glass.

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This morning I was encouraged by a blogger who spoke of Miracles. I went to church and I heard a sermon on Miracles. In my own life I have had many Miracles. A Miracle is something that happens that is unexpected, unnatural and totally an act of God. A $100 bill hidden away in my purse that I did not put there, shoes for my children when I had no money for shoes, a child being healed of an illness that doctors can not explain.
Today my children all live in safe healthy environments. I live in a safe home of my own that is clean,beautiful and there is food enough, heat enough, clothes enough and so many extra that I did not ask for or imagine two years ago. That is my Miracle. I pray you will see your own Miracle today and be thankful.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Good Bye January ~ Hello Februrary

January 2017 just went on FOR-EV-ER!
I work an average of 50 hours a week and some of those days went by very fast, but the miles on my aching feet took their toll. Don't get me wrong, I have a great job, with great people and the most wonderful pair of USA clog "Mary Jane's" you will ever see...
...January in this town is just plan wet and dreary. I have considered hip waders for the cross walk gig.
A week or so ago, I got the latest book that I am advance release Reading. Change your HOME Change your LIFE with COLOR. by Moll Anderson (click the title to see the Amazon order page)

Some of the questions that have come up with me while reading the book are:

* what colors in your box are used the most often? Me: Blue and Green
* what is your favorite color? Me: Magenta
* what color would you be if you could be any? Me: Yellow

(If you can't figure out why I had those answers IM me.)

Last weekend I was going to write my January blog (I had promised myself to at least blog once a month in 2017.) Save by GRACE here. I was sick and went to a conference on Saturday, which means I only have one day off, Sunday. I was sick and knew one of my team would be off on Monday, so I dragged myself to work Monday and took my sick day on Tuesday, by which time  I was really a mess.

Saturday January 28th I attended THE REMIX, Region 2, Expanded Learning Conference. This is to give after school program leaders help and encouragement. The key note speaker, helped me to understand a little better how the kid of today thinks. Of course my Littles are only Five, so, they don't quit fit with the current generation that have an electrical device in their hands at all times.

The second session I attended was on Purposeful Eating as well as other Purposeful choices in their day to day life. This month, I will be working at a club after school that involves Yoga and Self Defense. We will implement some of the Purposeful eating and thinking with this club.

My final session of the day was with Brandon Leake. He is a young poet who help me write a poem about my Littles.

Balls Popping in Pod 1

My students are tired or overwhelmingly busy
One flops on the floor while another is a Whirling Dervish
They are like a child's popcorn popping machine
Multicolored balls popping, falling and banging against each other
Within my protective bubble as I drive them through the afternoon
Pop! Pop! Pop!
When we sit in the Pod ~ I teach them love
Love for each other, respect, and
 acceptance of each others differences
Teaching by example, creating beauty and learning to be beautiful people
Who care for each other 

~Now I am up to date with my blog for last weekend.

Today: I got a zipper sewed in the sweatshirt they gave us last year at the conference

Baby Girl: Emelia is sitting all by herself.
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February is the shortest month of the year, however, it seems like it is really going to be short in 2017. I only have 15 days of school and 8 day off after today. I'm planning on finishing up this book review and getting a lot of rest and reading this month.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Out with the old (2016) in with the new (2017)

Time to recap 2016 and then be ready to wake up in the morning to a New Year with new expectations.

εїз January I began my adventure at Iamwell.org. These ladies help me build confidence in myself and thankfulness for the body I have been given to share the journey. Hannah, the other instructors and my fellow participants aided in my understand of the strengths I have, as well as, accepting my weakness as strengths.

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εїз February was a blessed short month. I began working 10 1/2 hour days that month. Beginning at 7am and ending at 6pm. I had three different jobs and blessedly at one location. That month went by very fast.

εїз March brought the addition of a son-in-law to my family. I was blessed with a three day vacation to Arcata, California to witness the wedding of my youngest daughter and her husband. Many happy returns of March 12th to Steven and Johanna.

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εїз April was a rest and repair month. My son bought me a tattoo. A semicolon butterfly ~ my life is not finished yet.  New Chapter.

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εїз May was a big month for Ian. He graduated from the Fire Academy and I was no longer the mother of a teenager as my baby boy turned 20.

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εїз June ended my school year and began 2 months of summer YMCA camp. I spent the next two months sweating in Tie Dye. Camp brings out the worse and the best in all of us. The adventure and the challenge of these 5 to 8 year olds who spend all of their school vacations with me is an experience I never imagined. I have spent the past year with some of the same kiddos every week day of the year except Three Day Holidays and two weeks in August. We laugh, we cry and most of the time we just love on each other as we grow.

εїз August I had my first vacation since summers with my grandmas in the 1970's. My sister, Elaine, and I spent a week in San Francisco.Wonderful bonding time and seeing the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of San Francisco.

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But August wasn't finished yet...August 19th I became a grandma. Grammie B. (as in butterfly)
Image may contain: one or more people and baby

εїз September Grammie got a visit and on November 11th Grammie went to visit. We are putting off the next visit due to illness on both ends of the Sacramento Valley I-5 route, which gets shorter with each drive to and from Grammie's house.

εїз November also marked a day when I let the butterflies race in my stomach as I went out on my first date in 30 years. The first opportunity to enjoy company of a man who I can visit with and feel no expectations, regret or fear. Pleasant to converse without the wee people at my ankles.

εїз Concluding with December and yet another YMCA Camp. I've spent nearly three months this year in YMCA day-camps. My group is about 20-26 ranging in age from 5 to 8. (Some were as young as four until this last month.) 

My days begin with a Stop sign, reflective vest and a crosswalk. They call me the Boulder Creek Greeter and I joke, "Then I will have your recommendation when I retire and go for a job at Walmart."
After the last child is across the street to our school and the 8:13 am bell rings I rest a few minutes and warm my toes in the YMCA office on campus. Collecting my walky-talky, coffee and lunch I head up the ramp to room 16. Room 16 is our headquarters for the Reading Literacy program where I teach 5 different age groups in Reading. Through the next 5 hours I have 30 minute reading group interspersed by a 15 minute recess and lunch recesses from 11:15 to 12:45.
At 1:25 pm my day ends answering to Room 16 and head back to the YMCA office  to clock in at 1:30 pm until 6 or 6:15 pm. That last 4 hours is the most fun and the most work. My Co-worker and I have 14 to 19 Kindergartners who have been at school already for 6 and 1/2 hours. These little guys put in as long a day as we do and they need our help to hold it together, until a parent picks up and takes them home for dinner and bed. Everyday we try to do a hands on project, because I'd love to just cuddle them up and read a book. But that is not allowed in this day and age. So, they get up close and I read a story, we do a hand or footprint, we help them with a puzzle, teach them to draw a teddy bear or just listen to their imaginative stories.

My weekends are very quiet. I read, paint, knit, sew and do the usual: laundry, dishes and housework. On Sunday I sometimes worship at home or at a local church. Occasional I see my work friends and the gals I've met at Iamwell. Most of my adult interaction other than co-workers is at Trader Joe's.
I love that place.

In 2017 my goals are: to treat myself with more respect, be more spontaneous  and try to spread joy where-ever I go. I'd also like to get out of my comfort zone and outside more on my off duty hours.
My motto for 2017:

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εїз Most of all I hope to see more of my little Em and her best buddy Doug Jr. the Corgi

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Poem

I had a little Thankful Muse as I was doing chores yesterday.

Thanksgiving 2016

Flannel Sheets for my bed
Loved ones voices in my head

Hummingbirds out my window
Little Em's Bow

Turkey in the oven
with a pumpkin muffin

Little's Thanksgiving note
So much rain, I may need a boat

Gluten Free Fish in my homemade goo
Emeila's Coo

Lavender and essential oils
No more boils

Washer, dryer, dishwasher and heat
My little nest can't be beat

Thankful to my God above
For all my family's and friend's love

Here are a few pictures that were going through my head as I amused myself with the Muse.

Flannel Sheets

Em's Coos

Em's Bow

Em researching the Crawl

Heads Up

Dress Up

Cuddle with Grammie

Ian's GF Fish

Rain inside and Out
So glad the election is over

A year ago I was exhausted. My body, soul and spirit were all in shock. I had to move the week school started and Thanksgiving break I went to an Abbey to rest and just feel. I rested and listened to the Monk's in the little chapel for three days. On Thanksgiving day they brought the three guest a full Thanksgiving dinner. I painted,  went for walks in the vineyard, sang, read and rested.
Over a year since that fateful move in August of 2015. I have excepted I get to stay in my little nest.
I have an amazing little Granddaughter who will call me, "Grammie" and we will paint together.
I get to work  at 2+ jobs for 10 hours a day Monday to Friday and 6 hours on all school Holidays.
My sister and I had a fantastic vacation in San Francisco this last year and I'm planning the same next August. 
I have had unbelievable hurt this last year and found out that I will choose Happiness.
My friends have rallied around me and I know I am loved and valued. 
My work is more than worth the time I spend.
I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, August 14, 2016

School Starts this Week

Why would I sit in the sand in a sundress when it is 60 degrees and raining?

...because where I live it is 108 degrees with no breeze.

I spent the last week of Summer break in San Francisco.

Japanese Garden 

Golden Gate Park

Jasmine Tea and cookies

Ferry Ride from Pier 1 Ferry Building to Sausalito 
Kufu Ya Restaurant
Ranger Bear ate food from around the world

Ghirardelli Square

"There are so many fabulous faraway places to see! 
Such as Mexico, Sweden, Hawaii, Japan and Capri! 
There are so many exciting & wonderful places!"

I think they are all represented in San Francisco.

Gull supervising the crowd at Pier 39
Bull Sea Lion pretending to be an otter after he was pushed off the raft
Ranger Bear in the Flower Conservatory

Ranger Bear became real guy in the Magic of Golden Gate Park
Smiling for the street artist
The street artist had a lot of imagination 

Thanks to my Dad and sister, Elaine, who made this the most amazing vacation in my life.
Also a special thanks to my niece, Kate, for letting us stay in her 4th floor walk up. Elaine and I walked all over San Francisco (averaged 6 miles a day), rode buses, drove in the car and took a Ferry. We ate: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, a great Napa buger and Italian . I got my shoes fixed by a cute little old man in a Russian Shoe Repair and we had our picture drawn by a Street Artist. We bought etched glass from a local California man and chop stick holders made in Japan. I tasted: Mochi, Yam Candy, Irish Coffee and Miso soup for the first time.
We saw Sea Lions on Pier 39 and rode a Ferry from Pier 1 to Sausalito and back. The last full day we spent in Golden Gate Park walking from the Japanese Garden to the Flower Conservatory. They had the final days of the Dalai exhibit. Ranger Bear turned into a real guy for a few minutes in the magic of Golden Gate Park.

After a week of filling my "Pamper Deena" shelf to the top...
we came back to Sacramento to see this lovely lady...
who is making me a grandma in the next week.
Tomorrow begins the new school year with two days of meetings and our kiddos with their bright shiny faces show up on Wednesday morning. I will be starting my day with the Stop Sign by the upper cross walk at 7:45 am and end after the last kiddo gets picked up at the YMCA at 6 pm. 

I was reminded today of Matthew 19:14 The Kingdom of God is only 4 feet off the ground. I am living my life with the Children of God around me and I ask for your prayers as God uses me in the public school system.

My place to meditate in the morning