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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Farwell to June 2016

My New Chapter of parenting adult children is going well. A bit odd most
of the time. There is no manual.

 We finally got some wedding pictures online from the
 March 12 wedding of Johanna and Steven.

Love my girls!!!

Mary and Jr (Corgi) came to the wedding

I'm learning to follow my heart.

I am glad to say,"Good Bye" to June this week.

 I worked 40 hours at our summer day camp for YMCA this week.
My job share partner had a week vacation, so I worked 
opening and closing with a 2 hour lunch all week.
After a field trip with 23 "soon to be 1st graders",
I brought home their camp shirts to wash.
Mom always said, "Eat a good breakfast and don't talk to me until I finish my coffee."
This last week was the 30 year anniversary of my
Mom going home to be with the Lord.

 How I cope with summer camp

created an adult snow-cone

bought a retro fan to cool behind my knees when I set in my rocker

Learning "The Zin of a Hand hummingbird feeder"

Fresh organic

yogurt, gluten free waffle,strawberries and chocolate chips

My son amusing me with his reinvention
(RC Helicopter)

Creating a diaper cake for the baby shower
of my first grand~baby

won a $20 Amazon gift card a the library

finally got to move my rock garden outside after the painters finished
painting the outside of my building.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Outside In

My apartment is being painted on the outside. Today they called me to ask that I bring my rock garden into the apartment while They paint today and tomorrow.  Thus my outside is on the inside.
Normally it would be like this:
Instead my solar optic butterfly, humingbirds and dragonfly  light up my apartment like night lights.

My world is a bit Topsy Turvy without school. I did kindergarten assessments yesterday and Monday for 4 hours before my YMCA Camp 6 hour shift. Today I moved my rock garden inside and only had my 6 hour YMCA  shift. Then my Inspire class was canceled. I had announced an open house with Wine, self care ideas and Gluten Free goodies at 7:30 tonight. It is 8:10 I don't think anyone is coming.

We are all so tired right now.  I just thought I'd give my friends a time to come over while my son was hiking this week, It's hot and everyone is busy. I'm content to be alone and I've learned it is not about me. So, my friends, "No worries,maybe another time."
 I have a blank spot on the living room wall. Time to open up the paint box again.

I'm feeling sunflowish.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Rememberance Day

Today is a legal holiday, meaning most of my students were excited to have a day off to have picnics with their families and go to the lake. When I asked my second grade art class on Friday what Memorial Day was celebrating not one of them knew it was a Holiday to honor the people who fought in wars. Sadly, the past few weeks we have been too busy testing them and treating them with field trips for enduring the trials.

Since I had an extra day to rest from my crazy work schedule. I awoke at 6:15 a.m. this morning and took a bike ride to the Sundial Bridge. It was a beautiful ride with the bird and ducks in full voice. Once I was home and had a load of laundry washed I treated myself to a Movie. I don't have too many Monday morning when I can get the discount. (Seniors get in for $5.75 at the Early Bird show and since I was going to Angry Birds the Movie that seems appropriate.)

The one thing that seemed to be on my mind the most today was going to the cemetery to see all the flags. I don't have any local veterans at the Redding cemetery, but I do have my Mom. She died in an accident almost exactly 30 years ago. I took flowers, but decided to take a picture and bring them home since there was no place to put them.
Mama's Flowers
It was not a day to spend time and relax as the temperature had soared to 96 degrees. When I returned home I was blessed by a call from my oldest sister and plans for a late summer adventure.

My school year has been filled with 50 hour work weeks to support my son and I through his academy. He had 12 hours a day almost all the way until graduation May 7th.
I was very proud at his graduation when he lead in the Fireman's Prayer.

It was the first time I was able to have my older married daughter and her husband to my apartment.
We celebrated Ian's graduation and his 20th birthday with a meal and cake before they headed home.
It was also an opportunity to pat my grandbaby, "Petunia". (11 weeks until I'm a grandma)

I don't think they will name her Petunia
The next best thing that happened was the other married sister,who was not able to make it to graduation came over last weekend and I was able to see her and the new hubby.
They are so cute!
Ian and I have celebrated 8 months in our apartment. I've been learning about self care from my new friends at Iamwell.org. It is a women's only studio that has stretch and yoga classes that I can attend after work. Once in awhile I get to one of the earlier classes that have a harder workout too.

Since reading Brazen by Leanna Tankersley, I have been finding courage to be the me that I have kept hidden. I have realized that if  I'm not being me, I not being. I admit that being a mother and all the things I did for my children was my all consuming life for over 25 years, but now it is time to show them how to live after children.

It was not my choice that it would also be alone, but that is the way the cookie crumbled.
Now I dance 

And HE has a plan for me
I'm no longer a Sunflower tossing in the wind

I am a butterfly; my story isn't finished yet.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Brazen~Bold and Unashamed

Brazen by Leeana Tankersley

Blank board

3 weeks of soul work

In my nest
Brazen is the latest book I've had the privilege to advance read, before release to the public. My former followers would see my "blog voice " has been silent for about 8 months. 
Today I am coming out of my silence. In August I downsized my 56 years of life into a 750 sq ft apartment in south Redding. I'm now just a mile from work, where as my former home was 25 miles from work. This was a difficult, gut reching change in my life. 
I'm not ready to talk about that on my blog, but I'm ready to talk about where I am now. 
I am well. Since January I have been attending a women's only studio: iamwell.org. Here I attend three classes a week in yoga and balance. The focus is total body: soul, mind, body, nutrition...everything.  The ladies encourage me in so many ways. 
In January I also joined some friend in a fitness challenge with my Vigilante Kindness friend Alicia. 
Working 10 hours a day and three classes a week at iamwell.org was about all I could focus on these past three months.
My youngest daughter married the love of her life on March 12th and all extra effort was centered on taking the 150 mile drive to share her special day. 
Returning home I had two full weeks or work and then spring break came. 
"Brazen" lands on my porch seeming much louder than it should, perhaps, because it seemed to be coming from Heaven with God's words just, "for such a time as this." (Esther 4:14)
This book helped me love all the versions of me: madien, mother, mentor, artist, singer, home maker, dreamer...
When people walk into my apartment they almost always say,"It is so homey, here." 
I need to acknowledge my God given wild. That makes me think of Narnia and "Aslan is not a tame Lion". My spirit is not tame, I am free to love, free to live,free to dance...🎶
I am healing, resting and letting go.  The process is well underway. I went to my annual check up and the doctor told me I was ending a season of winter and she could see Spring has begun. 
You can find out more about Brazen on Leeana's website. 
I'm on my way and will try to stay in touch.

Some pictures of my new nest☺

And the view

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My morning routine

Brakfast of Old Fashion oats,  berry/cherry mix  and plain yogart topped with dark chocolate chips.
Black Coffee.

Pack Lunch.
Drive 25 miles to drop off son at College EMT class for the summer.

Find a coffee shop with WiFi
check other email blog notifications :

Courage is breathtaking. (In)courage today
My friend Alicia is in Uganda
&Emily P Freeman who has a new book coming out that I  just finished the Advanced Reader Copy.... what a privilege to sneak read. 
Discount order with Amazon 

All this and it is only 8:20 am.

Many changes in the this hot Sacremento Valley heat. 

My next Advance Reader Copy expected this week is titled: Girl Meets Change. 

In the next month I  will  be  moving from my 28 year home. 
My nest is nearly empty.
My job is at the same location, but completely new in August when school starts.
I don't know which school I  will work at yet afterschool.
Meanwhile two more weeks of YMCA summer camp .
One week to pack before school starts. 

So as I  sit at my favorite Starbucks,  sipping a tall decaf with two pumps of peppermint on ice in last year's "hob nail cup" I breath in my Starbucks community.

.....And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. (ESV) Philippians 1:6

Monday, April 20, 2015

My New Littles

My blog has been neglected since I started working again. I started working as an Instructional Aid in February and now two months later I feel that I have always done this job. My "littles" are so fun and though they shared a nasty bug with me that took me out for the entire Easter Break I love everyone of them.

Each year one of the classes makes a book and writes a piece about what they like best about themselves. This year the class chose me as one of the special people who gets a copy of the book.

Another adventure I have undertaken is being a Norwex consultant.
In May I am having a fund raiser for my friend Alicia McCauley. She is collection money for solar lights for Uganda. I have decided that 20% of my sales that I will submit on May 8th will go toward her cause. You can donate directly to Vigilante Kindness or if you want Norwex products I will be donating 20% off the top of ordered products through May 8th. 

I am slowly getting use to the my offspring being spread all over  Northern California. We have two big graduations this next month. Johanna will be graduating from Humboldt State on May 16th and Abbie will be graduating from Sacramento State on May 22nd. My elementary school is very evolved in encouraging college so, I wear my College "Mom" T-shirts on Monday while my littles are wearing the college that their individual classes support. My Kinders have cute little purple t-shirts for their Lutheran  College. Their 4th grade buddies have green Humboldt State T-shits.

I am recovering from bronchitis that had me down the entire Easter Break, but was able to make my 1st $1,000 sales goal in my first 30 days with Norwex even sick. This is a great product that is good for the environment and the people who use them. I have also been impressed with how well they take care of their reps. I was able to sign up for free in March (normally it is $200) and I have about $500 in free stuff for meeting that $1,000 goal. 

The other thing that has had a great impact in my changing season has been a Bible Study online with Tracie Miles. The study is on her book Your Life Still Counts. The study is winding down after 6 weeks and this last week she challenged us to metaphorically put our feet in the Jordan River.  I can see that I am living these verse now in Joshua 3. I have stepped out of the old comfort zone and I am going into my promised land. No doubt there are still giants in the land. However:

Joshua 1:9 (ESV)

    "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcoming Spring

In many parts of the USA it is not even close to Spring, but here is Northern California it seems Spring has Sprung.

My son had a four day weekend for the President Holidays, so I did my lastest Spring Cleaning and reflection before I start work next Monday.

This weekend I discovered a new Blog: Alume. They had a conference in October and I was blessed by their website to view  FIVE of the Keynote speakers.

*  I had recently read Sophie Hudson's book: A Little Sweet to cut the Salty as a free e-book. It was exciting to see her speak and her message that we need not be competitive in our blog world was refreshing to hear.
*  Logan Wolfram was a new name to me and she was the head of the conference. Her encouragement to get a Turquoise Table or in my case a Turquoise Table Cloth for Starbucks to exercise hospitality where I live helped to affirm the way my mind has been running lately on the subject of hospitality.  Hospitality is where you live not making something up to look like a magazine or Pinterest.
*  Shauna Niequist was another new name for me. Her book on the Bittersweet of life was compelling enough that I added it to my Kindle account. I'm about 26% through and I have laughed, cried and thought some deep thought since opening that book. (Don't you just love how Kindle tells you how far you have to go and how many hours it will take to read? How do they gauge that reading speed?)
*  Tim Willard is a young man that will take me years to understand. His book Veneer is on the 2015 Gis-Butterfly reading list. He is a Fellow at Oxford studying C S Lewis with a wife and two young children. He really gets you out of the box and his sample book on Kindle shows that he speaks a simple mans language on deep topics.
*  Finally, Jeremy Courtney , he and his wife founded Preemptive Love Coalition. They have assisted in helping over 1,000 children get heart surgery in Iraq. We don't think about what this war has done to the village people of that country. He and his team are helping the Iraqi people to update their hospitals and get the surgeons they need to help this war torn country. They are working from the inside out in Iraq.

So, I did some deep thinking as I prepared for Ash Wednesday and then I got out the old Singer and made an apron for my daughter at HSU Children's Center.

Displaying 20150214_153000.jpgDisplaying 20150215_135159.jpg

Displaying 20150214_110215.jpg
I had a client who was the seamstress for Donna Douglas and she gave me this Dress Form
that was used for Donna as "Ellie Mae" on the Beverly Hillbillies.
My oldest Daughter brought me a Solar Optic Butterfly, Dragonfly and Hummingbird for Valentine's Day to enjoy in my rock garden at night.

Displaying 20150216_183704.jpgDisplaying 20150216_183711.jpg

Going into the season of lent may I suggest I Corinthians 10:31~

 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.