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Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Showers bring May flowers

Rain may keep me inside, but doesn't take my joy

 ☔I don't care 
☕My cup is full
💖My heart is happy
👣My feet are resting

As a child the saying,"April Showers Make May Flowers" was very true in my home town. We even had snow sometimes on Easter Break. Redding on the other hand is to a city of two seasons, "Flood" and "Fire". However, this year the Flood season has been very long. We even had frost on car windows just a week ago after a very wet week.

The weather app on my Table broke and  I installed a new weather app that is sponsored by weather underground.

Cute kitten makes the weather better

The little red triangle warned of breezy weather and flooding. I have lost count of how many times I have dumped out my 5 inch gauge, but our total for the year is over 45 inches.


My son moved out about a month ago and I have been getting use to being alone. Last weekend he even took his drafting table and bike. 

Carpet and Chimney Cleaned

A day without reading is like... Just Kidding, I have no idea.

Just one bike behind the couch

Irish coffee and sun on my toes one day of Easter Break

Em is a Baby Yogi

My baby girl is 8 months old and Grammie could not be prouder of all her yoga moves

Big Blue Eyes

Butterfly with Blocks

Nice toe curl on the splits

Happy Baby Pose

Easter Week I only worked 6 hours in afternoon.

Each day I had an activities in the morning to keep me out of trouble. Carpet cleaner, Coffee two different mornings and car repairs two other mornings. My apartment got a spruce and extra touches of pink.

1963 Me, JennyLynn and Bunnies

Easter Shoes 2017 for YMCA

My Easter basket didn't want me to leave home
go back to school after only 3 day weekend.

April is Month of the Young Child

Child abuse in Shasta county is very high. April there are a lot of child care awareness programs.

Stayed up until 9pm Friday to make this poster for Healthy Kids Day
Our local Y had a great celebration on April 29th to support families in Healthy habits and to raise money for camp scholarships. There were spin classes all day. You paid for the bike for a hour and the money went to camp. Someone had sponsored bikes and I got to ride one for free and get the swag. I say free, but my tail bone is telling me that I am paying. (That is why my cruiser has a wide padded seat)

Next week is Unicorn Week in Kindergarten

One of my Unicorns last week

I just made that up. My co-worker in Afterschool care got sick last week and I flew by the seat of my pants when a big cloud burst and thunderstorm kept us inside. I love that they think I am a magician and will sit so still to watch me draw or make something. That day we had cats, bears, and unicorns. The next day one wore her unicorn horn all day. So, Thursday we were all Unicorns and Friday I was an unicorn until we finished the rainbow of fingerprints. I gave my horn to our smallest unicorn as she left (she hadn't been there the Day of the Unicorn)
hard to get Unicorn Kiddos to turn their back to a camera

They were so excited to go to Unicorn School. Where the school Mistress told them that they would learn: Kindness, Gentleness, Wisdom and Prancing. It was so fun to see them Prancing around the playground. Tomorrow we will continue with them coloring themselves as a unicorn for our May cart design.

Today is a great day to enjoy my flowers,music, books, hummingbirds and terrace. 

Rain again tomorrow, but my little unicorns and I will be making rainbows.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

My Life has been changed by color

Moll Anderson's Book can be ordered at a discount before release on March 14th.

If you know me at all, you know I am not afraid to dress in colors and patterns. Thanks to current clothing trends I have 5 different print leggings, but I wear them with solid color tops. I love the little girl outfits with the different prints, but I just could not do that myself.

This weekend I completed a little makeover of my living room and terrace. (Little makeover, little terrace, and little living room.) My couch pillows moved outside.

It was great to sit at my newly painted table and have my tea and biscuits after painting my nails, green, for St Patrick's Day; this afternoon.

I hope the sheet of glass will keep the paint nice

This morning the paint was dry, so I put an old sheet of glass for an ancient picture frame over the table. It was great to be outside to enjoy morning coffee.

Despite the time change I was up at 6 am Daylight Saving Times. I guess my internal clock changed yesterday sometime. It was pitch dark at 6 am except for the big bright moon in the sky. I took this picture right before it slid behind the horizon, around 8am.

While embracing colors I made some new silly pillows

Barnie's chair matches the table top out the door
My biggest adventure today was to start painting a hummingbird. I took a break to walk my bike to the bike shop, to air my tires, over the hill and down to Trader Joe's for reinforcements.

For the past 57 years of my life I have had corn beef and cabbage for St Patrick's Day. Most of it I have cooked in my Slow Cooker. This year I discovered Trader Joe's Ruben sandwich. This is amazing. Low fat corn beef, Swiss cheese, Gluten Free bread and TJ's Sauerkraut. It is Amazing!!!!

Moll's book has helped me heal some baggage about colors that I didn't know I was carrying. I realized that it was not the the color of this chair that I didn't like it was the dirty, old house I could never get clean (1989 to 2015.)

I was also not going to ever decorate with anything that resembled "mint green and pink". Well, my table and stool look kind of mint green and those pillows and window flounce are looking pretty pink.

March has brought me a lot of smiles. My little Em is now 6 months old and sent me a video of her sitting, crawling and sitting again. 40 seconds and a head nod of satisfaction.

Her Auntie Mary went down to Sacramento for the College and Em got to snuggle Auntie Mary.

The birthday season is well under way in my family. We had a special birthday on Feb 24 and that amazing child had a baby on March 2nd. My Abbie had her birthday on March 9th.

Happy Birthday Mommy
My dad will have a birthday this week and then we wait until April 17th for the next birthday.

My school has a tri-mester system. We just finished the second tri-mester. After testing all the students in 1st through 5th grades, I will get back to reading groups this week. I teach 5 different reading groups, so I am happy to be able to start back into the groove.

My fingernails and toenails are ready for St Patrick's Day. May you all be blessed this week.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Artistic Flare is Sometimes Messy

What to do in an empty nest...

 This past week was exhausting.
I spent half  of each day listening to small children read while timing them for one minute. 45 words a minute is an exhausting speed to follow, thankfully most read at least 65 to 80, some even as fast as 250.

The best part of the week was the sun finally came out.

My weekend project was painting my son's baby chair.

Barnsie will sit here for now
I added a collection of my art below.
It seems the painting clog my brain until I put them on canvas, paper or wood.
The sunflower was blocking the hedgehog Christmas cards.
I didn't see the fairy with the sunflower until it was on the paper.
I wasn't planing to make the picture last weekend so messy...
it just came out that way.

I paint from my spirit.
I paint with my heart.
Sometimes I paint to music.
This weekend I painted the chair with my
hummingbird buzzing around my head.
(I have never been eye to eye with a hummingbird.)

My next painting will be a hummingbird.
Maybe next weekend.
God only knows.

Last weekend a friend brought me a terracotta worm for a pot
 So I had to buy flowers and a pot

Johanna and Steven have been married almost a year
and I finally have their picture framed

Abbie's Picture on the left

I made over a dozen Hedgehog Christmas Cards 

My inspiration board

Last weekends painting

My rainy day crayon melt
The flower that was stuck in my head in front of the hedgehogs

Snow in Redding, what a crazy winter

For Redding Winter is over. This week we will see sun everyday and may not have anymore frost after Tuesday. It is freezing at night and soon to be 65 degrees in the day. I am looking forward to the sunny days and drying out the I-5 cor-adore, so that I can see my Grandbaby girl Easter weekend.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Everyday Miracles

 Happy 6 month Grammie day to me.

Today is Emelia's 6 month birthday, but the road is flooded in places along I-5 and I just don't like to drive in the rain. She called and chatted with me a few nights ago. Em is quit a talker, besides being the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

I wish Grammie was here.

Good morning Grammie! 

Empty Nest

May 1996 I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
Cincho de Mayo was never the same for us.

The little boy became a man.

Ian almost 21 years old
Then yesterday this happened:
The young man moved out

bike and Legos behind the screen all that remain

Flip the page...new chapter

I'm still sorting through Moll Anderson's color book. Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color. I had an aversion to the avocado color of the 1960's, since all the dirty fixtures of my home for the last 28 years had been that color. With this book I was able to buy a chair and reconcile myself to that color and get a bar stool/step stool in the process.

My reconciliation stool
On to other parts of my color journey...

I created a little Zen garden
However,it got flooded. Note to self keep it dry, or I will feel as though my head is underwater, or maybe it is just the effect of our seasonally early flowers blooming from all the rain.

View from my sink
Very odd having this open space, which for the past year and a half has been occupied by my son.
My Happy Board
I initiated a card and encouragement program among my coworkers. This has a few of the Happy Notes I have been given. "If you want a friend, be a friend".

The cloudy view
To date we have had 37 inches of rain since Oct. 1. The average rainfall is 34 inches a year  in Redding. The past two years we have been in a drought with not much more than 24 inches of rain a year. I love having the rain, but it has been a challenge to keep my "Happy" on all the time when the sky is like this day in and day out.

My new wind chime sounds like a bike bell
I found this beauty at a yard sale yesterday. It is leaded glass, sweet chimes and the wings of the hummingbird are on a hing. I cant wait for the wind and rain to die down, so I can hang it higher and enjoy the tickle and light through the glass.

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This morning I was encouraged by a blogger who spoke of Miracles. I went to church and I heard a sermon on Miracles. In my own life I have had many Miracles. A Miracle is something that happens that is unexpected, unnatural and totally an act of God. A $100 bill hidden away in my purse that I did not put there, shoes for my children when I had no money for shoes, a child being healed of an illness that doctors can not explain.
Today my children all live in safe healthy environments. I live in a safe home of my own that is clean,beautiful and there is food enough, heat enough, clothes enough and so many extra that I did not ask for or imagine two years ago. That is my Miracle. I pray you will see your own Miracle today and be thankful.