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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Revisiting an Era

Child of the 1960's

Teen of the 1970's

1960's Folk Music station on Pandora seems to be my comfort zone in down time lately.

..but I still want to smack some people.

This last week I have been on a sugar detox and lost 9 pounds of toxins. Sometimes I really did want to smack someone, but it usually wasn't anyone that was in the same room. Along with the toxins in my body coming to the surface the toxins in my spirit and soul have been surfacing. 

This is a simple diet to follow.

(Here is my groceries list this week)
~ Quinoa, Scottish Oats (3 servings of whole grain -1/2 cup cooked )
Whole Milk Greek Yogurt
Whole Milk Mozzarella
Trader Joe's:
* Almonds
* Pickles
* Mayo
* Mustard
* Eggs
* Olive Oil spray
* Balsamic Vinegar
*Almond Butter
* Baking Cocoa powder
All kinds of crazy Sea Food🦀
...about a gallon of water a day🌸

Our first week of camp went well.
I never expect what the children will be like, other than needy.
Only 4 out of 20 are from our school. The rest are from all over the Greater Redding Area.
I have an average of 18 in my group which is mostly children going into 3rd and 4th grade with a couple of very mature 2nd graders.
Friday we made Paper Lanterns. This was the favorite craft from my group. The favorite activity was called: Wolf Pack. Getting them into a group that resembled how a wolf pack travels and going on a tour of the school. This was outside and that day it was spitting rain.🌦️

A bit of self care this weekend: visiting my friend Shelby who was giving Henna Tattoos in front of Trader Joe's. When she does a Henna Tattoo I let her do what she is feeling at the moment for me.

It's your turn ðŸŒ¹

So fun to spend time with young women of faith

I discovered S C Lourie quotes today.
These quotes spoke to my heart on many levels.

My layers are many
My heart has scares
I have layered flowers and fragrant herbs between the layers
The years appear sedimentary of flowers and memories
As I revisited the Era of the 60's and 70's this week I feel "home"
My apartment reflects this "home"
My style reflects that "home"
My music currently resonates "home"
I choose to be a light in my world
dmb 6/17

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Breathe, Rest, Create, Repeat.

Day 3 School Summer Break

 My goals for the summer.

First project: uncluttered the work space

Fairy Garden


Full view from my chair

Day 3 of Sugar detox and I've lost 7 pounds. Um..... I think I'm toxic. I don't add sugar to food, but my son got to take two very large bags of groceries from my apartment Sunday night that were processed with extra sugar. Even Trader Joe's catsup. May I just say,"What's up wit that?"
No alcoholic drinks for 21 days and no fruit. 
I'm working a little less than 30 hours a week, compared to 50 plus during school. 
No alarm clock, but I'm still waking at 6 a.m. I enjoy not being around people until after 9 a.m., but I am happy to be awake with the sun.
After June 25th I'll  add some fruit, as well as, enjoy a potato with sour cream and one glass of wine at night. (No starchy vegis until 21 days are up)

Authentic Feminine Life Facebook group has challenged us to a June Joy Challenge. I'm putting this under # 11 as my Thankful Journal reminds of what makes me joyful. However, St. Paul told us in the Epistle to the Philippians to Rejoice in the LORD always and be Thankful in all situations.
I will be using my meditation time this next few weeks to update my thoughts on the topics of: Inner Joy and Thankfulness. (I.M. me on Facebook if you want to be invited to the Authentic Feminine Life group.)

Day 3 of summer break and I feel pretty good about working on goals.