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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Summer of My Life

As I have mentioned before, in Redding, California we have two seasons; flood and fire.

Recently, I have gone through a season of mental/emotional/spiritual Spring Cleaning. Last Saturday I went so far as to have a 2 hour prayer session with a counselor to make sure I had not left any stone unturned, or bitterness unforgiven. A sweet friend had told me to give myself time to process. Surprisingly, what I needed to process was my value as a daughter of the King of King.

Notes from SOZO

The Holy Spirit is always with me. Even in the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for HE is with me. Psalm 23

I am beautiful, because HE is beautiful and I am made in HIS image.
Genesis 1, Psalm 27

I am golden. Gold refined by fire.
Rev. 3

Precious, a daughter of  the King of Kings
Psalm 45

My sacrifices have been a sweet aroma to HIM
II Corinthians 2:15

Every move I make, I make with HIM (He is my way, my truth, my life)
John 14:16

Summer  of My Life

Henna Tat by Shelby
Last night I went to an event were a student was raising her tuition for next year with Henna Tattoos and will be drawing a picture of my Granddaughter for me. This was an exercise in getting out of my comfort zone in more than one way. I was much older than most all who attended, however, I love being around young adults who have similar outlook to me. As Shelby was drawing the flower on my hand she confirmed the Summer analogy.  This is a time that I am beginning to bloom. My roots are strong from the rains and storms. The next 20 years of my life are my Summer years.

Shopping Saturday

Today I went looking for end tables to go with my couch. It wasn't meant to be. I kept  being drawn to wooden crates and baskets. I found some fabric, a box type hassock at a yard sale and some scarfs for sweatbands at work. (Shelby asked how I kept my skin so nice, "I sweat".) 
It will be near 90 degrees by the end of the week after highs in the 50s this last week. I will be sweating a lot!!!

crate and basket I had in my closet, re-purposed, again.

Exercise ball can live behind the couch

Flowers arrived this week Amazon Smiles
Pink rose garland

Like real Tulips and quilt rack came out of bedroom
So, now my nest is ready for company. Everything seems to be in the correct symmetry.

 I offered to hold a Henna Party at my apartment for Shelby.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April Showers bring May flowers

Rain may keep me inside, but doesn't take my joy

 ☔I don't care 
☕My cup is full
💖My heart is happy
👣My feet are resting

As a child the saying,"April Showers Make May Flowers" was very true in my home town. We even had snow sometimes on Easter Break. Redding on the other hand is to a city of two seasons, "Flood" and "Fire". However, this year the Flood season has been very long. We even had frost on car windows just a week ago after a very wet week.

The weather app on my Table broke and  I installed a new weather app that is sponsored by weather underground.

Cute kitten makes the weather better

The little red triangle warned of breezy weather and flooding. I have lost count of how many times I have dumped out my 5 inch gauge, but our total for the year is over 45 inches.


My son moved out about a month ago and I have been getting use to being alone. Last weekend he even took his drafting table and bike. 

Carpet and Chimney Cleaned

A day without reading is like... Just Kidding, I have no idea.

Just one bike behind the couch

Irish coffee and sun on my toes one day of Easter Break

Em is a Baby Yogi

My baby girl is 8 months old and Grammie could not be prouder of all her yoga moves

Big Blue Eyes

Butterfly with Blocks

Nice toe curl on the splits

Happy Baby Pose

Easter Week I only worked 6 hours in afternoon.

Each day I had an activities in the morning to keep me out of trouble. Carpet cleaner, Coffee two different mornings and car repairs two other mornings. My apartment got a spruce and extra touches of pink.

1963 Me, JennyLynn and Bunnies

Easter Shoes 2017 for YMCA

My Easter basket didn't want me to leave home
go back to school after only 3 day weekend.

April is Month of the Young Child

Child abuse in Shasta county is very high. April there are a lot of child care awareness programs.

Stayed up until 9pm Friday to make this poster for Healthy Kids Day
Our local Y had a great celebration on April 29th to support families in Healthy habits and to raise money for camp scholarships. There were spin classes all day. You paid for the bike for a hour and the money went to camp. Someone had sponsored bikes and I got to ride one for free and get the swag. I say free, but my tail bone is telling me that I am paying. (That is why my cruiser has a wide padded seat)

Next week is Unicorn Week in Kindergarten

One of my Unicorns last week

I just made that up. My co-worker in Afterschool care got sick last week and I flew by the seat of my pants when a big cloud burst and thunderstorm kept us inside. I love that they think I am a magician and will sit so still to watch me draw or make something. That day we had cats, bears, and unicorns. The next day one wore her unicorn horn all day. So, Thursday we were all Unicorns and Friday I was an unicorn until we finished the rainbow of fingerprints. I gave my horn to our smallest unicorn as she left (she hadn't been there the Day of the Unicorn)
hard to get Unicorn Kiddos to turn their back to a camera

They were so excited to go to Unicorn School. Where the school Mistress told them that they would learn: Kindness, Gentleness, Wisdom and Prancing. It was so fun to see them Prancing around the playground. Tomorrow we will continue with them coloring themselves as a unicorn for our May cart design.

Today is a great day to enjoy my flowers,music, books, hummingbirds and terrace. 

Rain again tomorrow, but my little unicorns and I will be making rainbows.

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