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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday - Abbie "20 Today"

March 9, 2013 - Abigail Constance Burnham is 20 today

Yesterday Morning the girls got up at 7am to run before school

Last Summer - Abbie and the girls counselors at Mountain Meadow  Bible Camp

Last Weekend Abbie got her acceptance letter to the Anthropology Dept at Sac State

20 Years ago I went into labor a month early due to catching a ground ball at a Jr High Girls Soft Ball game, with my stomach. I was setting on the ground too close to home base apparently. As we walked home I felt the first pangs and by the following evening, I was holding my "preemie" who weighted in at 7 pounds 10 oz.

She will be graduating with about a 3.8 at Shasta College in the Spring then transferring in as a Junior. History and digging around in the dirt are her passions. As a small child she wore a dress everyday, and love to collect worms in a flower pot in the front yard. I encouraged her digging toward planting flowers.
It wasn't until her senior year of High School that she took her first  college Archaeology class and the rest is history.
                                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ABBIE-0.

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Saturday morning. I work all week, so Saturday morning is when I stay home. Take a shower, throw a load in the washer....Abbie makes pancakes...Ian puts on the Christian- Children's radio programs  that we have listened to while smelling pancakes since there was only one child in the household, because the others weren't born yet. (Mary is almost 22 and listening to the radio in her own home.)
Johanna is off early for AWANA games practice and will be coaching a team in Sac next Saturday. Ian come's out and sports his latest hair-do.
JR-Corgi, is bagging pancakes under the table.  Reruns on Adventure in Odyssee, then"Liz and Lucille" the Lizards are talking in their funny voices on the radio. Years and years we have celebrated this Saturday morning routine.
It has been whole wheat, plan white, rye, barley and (for me) Gluten Free Rice pancakes today.

                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!