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GIS- Geographic Information Systems (English)
GIS- Global Information Science (ASL)
Butterfly- A colorful insect that flies from flower to flower pollinating and bring joy to the onlooker.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Farwell to June 2016

My New Chapter of parenting adult children is going well. A bit odd most
of the time. There is no manual.

 We finally got some wedding pictures online from the
 March 12 wedding of Johanna and Steven.

Love my girls!!!

Mary and Jr (Corgi) came to the wedding

I'm learning to follow my heart.

I am glad to say,"Good Bye" to June this week.

 I worked 40 hours at our summer day camp for YMCA this week.
My job share partner had a week vacation, so I worked 
opening and closing with a 2 hour lunch all week.
After a field trip with 23 "soon to be 1st graders",
I brought home their camp shirts to wash.
Mom always said, "Eat a good breakfast and don't talk to me until I finish my coffee."
This last week was the 30 year anniversary of my
Mom going home to be with the Lord.

 How I cope with summer camp

created an adult snow-cone

bought a retro fan to cool behind my knees when I set in my rocker

Learning "The Zin of a Hand hummingbird feeder"

Fresh organic

yogurt, gluten free waffle,strawberries and chocolate chips

My son amusing me with his reinvention
(RC Helicopter)

Creating a diaper cake for the baby shower
of my first grand~baby

won a $20 Amazon gift card a the library

finally got to move my rock garden outside after the painters finished
painting the outside of my building.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Outside In

My apartment is being painted on the outside. Today they called me to ask that I bring my rock garden into the apartment while They paint today and tomorrow.  Thus my outside is on the inside.
Normally it would be like this:
Instead my solar optic butterfly, humingbirds and dragonfly  light up my apartment like night lights.

My world is a bit Topsy Turvy without school. I did kindergarten assessments yesterday and Monday for 4 hours before my YMCA Camp 6 hour shift. Today I moved my rock garden inside and only had my 6 hour YMCA  shift. Then my Inspire class was canceled. I had announced an open house with Wine, self care ideas and Gluten Free goodies at 7:30 tonight. It is 8:10 I don't think anyone is coming.

We are all so tired right now.  I just thought I'd give my friends a time to come over while my son was hiking this week, It's hot and everyone is busy. I'm content to be alone and I've learned it is not about me. So, my friends, "No worries,maybe another time."
 I have a blank spot on the living room wall. Time to open up the paint box again.

I'm feeling sunflowish.