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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Outside In

My apartment is being painted on the outside. Today they called me to ask that I bring my rock garden into the apartment while They paint today and tomorrow.  Thus my outside is on the inside.
Normally it would be like this:
Instead my solar optic butterfly, humingbirds and dragonfly  light up my apartment like night lights.

My world is a bit Topsy Turvy without school. I did kindergarten assessments yesterday and Monday for 4 hours before my YMCA Camp 6 hour shift. Today I moved my rock garden inside and only had my 6 hour YMCA  shift. Then my Inspire class was canceled. I had announced an open house with Wine, self care ideas and Gluten Free goodies at 7:30 tonight. It is 8:10 I don't think anyone is coming.

We are all so tired right now.  I just thought I'd give my friends a time to come over while my son was hiking this week, It's hot and everyone is busy. I'm content to be alone and I've learned it is not about me. So, my friends, "No worries,maybe another time."
 I have a blank spot on the living room wall. Time to open up the paint box again.

I'm feeling sunflowish.

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