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Monday, April 4, 2016

Brazen~Bold and Unashamed

Brazen by Leeana Tankersley

Blank board

3 weeks of soul work

In my nest
Brazen is the latest book I've had the privilege to advance read, before release to the public. My former followers would see my "blog voice " has been silent for about 8 months. 
Today I am coming out of my silence. In August I downsized my 56 years of life into a 750 sq ft apartment in south Redding. I'm now just a mile from work, where as my former home was 25 miles from work. This was a difficult, gut reching change in my life. 
I'm not ready to talk about that on my blog, but I'm ready to talk about where I am now. 
I am well. Since January I have been attending a women's only studio: iamwell.org. Here I attend three classes a week in yoga and balance. The focus is total body: soul, mind, body, nutrition...everything.  The ladies encourage me in so many ways. 
In January I also joined some friend in a fitness challenge with my Vigilante Kindness friend Alicia. 
Working 10 hours a day and three classes a week at iamwell.org was about all I could focus on these past three months.
My youngest daughter married the love of her life on March 12th and all extra effort was centered on taking the 150 mile drive to share her special day. 
Returning home I had two full weeks or work and then spring break came. 
"Brazen" lands on my porch seeming much louder than it should, perhaps, because it seemed to be coming from Heaven with God's words just, "for such a time as this." (Esther 4:14)
This book helped me love all the versions of me: madien, mother, mentor, artist, singer, home maker, dreamer...
When people walk into my apartment they almost always say,"It is so homey, here." 
I need to acknowledge my God given wild. That makes me think of Narnia and "Aslan is not a tame Lion". My spirit is not tame, I am free to love, free to live,free to dance...🎶
I am healing, resting and letting go.  The process is well underway. I went to my annual check up and the doctor told me I was ending a season of winter and she could see Spring has begun. 
You can find out more about Brazen on Leeana's website. 
I'm on my way and will try to stay in touch.

Some pictures of my new nest☺

And the view