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Monday, May 30, 2016

Rememberance Day

Today is a legal holiday, meaning most of my students were excited to have a day off to have picnics with their families and go to the lake. When I asked my second grade art class on Friday what Memorial Day was celebrating not one of them knew it was a Holiday to honor the people who fought in wars. Sadly, the past few weeks we have been too busy testing them and treating them with field trips for enduring the trials.

Since I had an extra day to rest from my crazy work schedule. I awoke at 6:15 a.m. this morning and took a bike ride to the Sundial Bridge. It was a beautiful ride with the bird and ducks in full voice. Once I was home and had a load of laundry washed I treated myself to a Movie. I don't have too many Monday morning when I can get the discount. (Seniors get in for $5.75 at the Early Bird show and since I was going to Angry Birds the Movie that seems appropriate.)

The one thing that seemed to be on my mind the most today was going to the cemetery to see all the flags. I don't have any local veterans at the Redding cemetery, but I do have my Mom. She died in an accident almost exactly 30 years ago. I took flowers, but decided to take a picture and bring them home since there was no place to put them.
Mama's Flowers
It was not a day to spend time and relax as the temperature had soared to 96 degrees. When I returned home I was blessed by a call from my oldest sister and plans for a late summer adventure.

My school year has been filled with 50 hour work weeks to support my son and I through his academy. He had 12 hours a day almost all the way until graduation May 7th.
I was very proud at his graduation when he lead in the Fireman's Prayer.

It was the first time I was able to have my older married daughter and her husband to my apartment.
We celebrated Ian's graduation and his 20th birthday with a meal and cake before they headed home.
It was also an opportunity to pat my grandbaby, "Petunia". (11 weeks until I'm a grandma)

I don't think they will name her Petunia
The next best thing that happened was the other married sister,who was not able to make it to graduation came over last weekend and I was able to see her and the new hubby.
They are so cute!
Ian and I have celebrated 8 months in our apartment. I've been learning about self care from my new friends at Iamwell.org. It is a women's only studio that has stretch and yoga classes that I can attend after work. Once in awhile I get to one of the earlier classes that have a harder workout too.

Since reading Brazen by Leanna Tankersley, I have been finding courage to be the me that I have kept hidden. I have realized that if  I'm not being me, I not being. I admit that being a mother and all the things I did for my children was my all consuming life for over 25 years, but now it is time to show them how to live after children.

It was not my choice that it would also be alone, but that is the way the cookie crumbled.
Now I dance 

And HE has a plan for me
I'm no longer a Sunflower tossing in the wind

I am a butterfly; my story isn't finished yet.