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Sunday, July 24, 2016

One Week until Summer Vacation

Count Down to Summer Vacation

6 days until my vacation begins and 3 weeks
until I'm a grandma (more or less)

I got this wonderful vintage phone at a yard sale last weekend. It only can except calls, I can't dial out, but it has amazing sound. I got the land line for my kids and family to call me when I forget to charge my cell phone. Since I got the new phone, I've been getting more calls at home.

Beautiful Abbie and My Granddaughter
Amazing yard sale finds last weekend

2 adorable toddler dresses

Vintage 1950's

Last Sunday I made the final of this painting to remind myself...

Summer day-camp has been a growing experience for me. I learned I could do camp
without Mary Rice Hopkin's songs. I had some great helpers and I have fallen
in love with some super little people. Most I wont see again unless they are in 
our other camps. Some will be at my school in Three Weeks when we start the Fall Semester.

Some weeks just keeping my 20 odd little T-shirts washed for field trips
and keeping my nails polished was the only extra curricular activities I could muster.

Coffee, Worship Music and Yoga have kept me from 

coming unglued this summer.

Highlight of the summer besides seeing all my girls and my sister, Elaine, 
at Abbie's shower
was that I got a new coffee pot. The old $10 Walmart Mr Coffee was starting to short out. I went to TJMaxx and got a pretty new coffee maker for 1/2 prize. They also had coffee for a discount.

In two weeks I will be taking a real vacation to San Francisco with my sister. Our weather has hit critical hot! Over 105 for the next week. S.F. is sounding pretty sweet. I plan to walk a lot, drink wine and coffee on my niece's patio and do a little yoga to my worship music out there too.

I have embraced my sensitive self this summer. I have been abused in many ways for my sensitive self. People have talked down to me and held me back for being sensitive. I am a butterfly with delicate wings and a strong core. I love deeply and find it hard to let go. 
My sensitivity is not a negative personality trait. I care deeply and want everyone to play nice and get along. Maybe that is idealistic and naive, but I will still continue for that goal.

My Roommate

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

The past two weeks have been the hardest of the summer.
I am looking forward to a July with less work hours 
and more rest hours.
Working a 40 hour work week takes on a new meaning
when you have 23 children in your group and...
...work a split shift. Seemed more like a 50 hour week.
So, now July is here and we only have 19 days left of 
YMCA Day Camp.
In August I will be spending my birthday at the studio
and the anniversary of moving into my apartment with
a week in San Francisco with my sister.
It has been a lonely road this year...changing location
of my home, changing churches, changing afternoon jobs,
changing my tax status,
and moving on in my steps to health.

Healthy living is so much more than exercising and eating.
This year I discovered "Self Care".
The storms of my life had left me bruised and beaten.
I had few friends that I could trust in my new world.
But the hope in my heart was that there would be a new
beginning with joy for the mourning.
My landlady promised me that I had the best
view for the fireworks from my patio.

 So, I say to all who may stumble upon my blog:
"Happy 4th of July".

Christ has set me free.

 Preview of next week.

The hedge hog watermelon I am carving for 
Abbie's baby shower.
Diaper cake is still intact
Baby blanket for "Petunia"
Mary is driving me down to the shower in her little green VW Bug. :)