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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thanks Tom

   I want to publicly thank Tom, though I doubt he would find my blog. A fellow this morning had a stack of his "Free" coffee postcards from Starbucks and he gave me one. Normally, I would be in my Sign Language Class, but I have a doctor's excuse.
    I don't think I have had a doctor's excuse in 40 years. I got an infection that makes it difficult to set down for long periods of time and this is the "grand-daddy" of infections according to one of the veteran Doctor's aids at my Clinic. 
    So, what do you do when you can't sit, have to pick you son up in an hour and it is 15 miles home? Go to Starbucks and sit on your own blanket in the chase-lounge, of course. To make it all the sweeter I am drinking my "Free" ice coffee thanks to Tom.
    No one know the wiser. It is a relaxing place with nice musik.  In the 80's when I was living in the L.A./ Orange County area and had the opportunity to use an elevator this was "musik". 
    The doctor ordered rest and a number of creams and pills. That's funny. Rest, I will try. I also was asked about my diet. Avoid white bread, bear and wine. I  don't eat wheat and haven't had alcohol for  a  while. I did get dehydrated on Saturday and had a "natural" sugared drink. That  drink along stress and change of season to "WHAM".
    I have been on a gluten free diet for the past few years. That helped a lot. I avoid sugar for a while, but chocolate called me down the path or over weight and waiting for the right day for an explosion.
So, for now I am on a yeast free diet. That is no sugar, no fruit until the infection is gone or even high- glycemic foods. I will be losing weight without trying, but I didn't want a cold turkey situation.
     When the rash is gone, I will start with the low glycemic fruits like: apples, strawberries and cherries and will be able to add exercise to the equation. For now the fruit is like nice smelling candles, "I like them but I wont eat them". Two nights ago a friend of my daughter who works at a bakery stopped by with fresh Cinnamon rolls. Again, I can smell them, but not eat them.
     I needed to go back to the other diet. It is healthier and I will remember for a long time the price it cost me. Meanwhile, I count my blessings. The infection is better, except on my fingers (what's up with that) and I have a free ice decaf, with sugar-free peppermint. Thanks again Tom.

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