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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm here and I'm alive

The sun is starting to come out from behind the clouds after a couple of days of Northern California Spring, "sunshine". I am beginning to recover from the plaque of last week, but I feel like I had a complete body peal. Which is to say, my skin is very tender. My brain is just starting to clear from 10 days of burning, pain and itching. Time to wake up and smell the roses (or in this case mums.)
   I am so thankful to be back to my schedule. It would surprise most of my readers if I were not at Starbucks. These flowers were purchased by a customer for the ladies at my Starbucks last week on a day that the water wasn't working. I was here,so it must have been 10 days ago. It is as if I weren't gone.
    I am wrapping up my week as I get ready for the State Geological Conference in Davis. We leave tomorrow at noon. Today I have classes and tonight Mary is having her Award Banquet for the industrial division of the college. My oldest daughter,  Mary, is a diesel mechanic. She will be graduating soon from Shasta College with a dual degree in Diesel and Welding at Shasta College. This year she has been the president of the Diesel 4x4 club. Tonight I would imagine she will be getting an award or presenting one. Last night I had this text conversation:

               Mary-Your coming to my banquet tomorrow, right?
               Me- I did not know it was tomorrow, what time, where?
               Mary- 5 in  4000
                ( Of course, I will. 21 years of adventures that this child-woman has given me...would I miss her finale? )

     This picture was taken at Thanksgiving 1991. Mary is 7 months old and that is what was left of a celery stick she had been gumming for while.
     This was the picture we sent as her Senior picture with High School graduation announcement, May 2009.
     This weekend she is having a Car Show. The Diesel 4x4 club is having its ~3rd Annual Anything on Wheels Show.  She is excited that her younger sister is going to take pictures for the club as the photographer for the event and has been floating off the ground for a month with the plans for this project. Last year they raised $400 with the BBQ to give a scholarship for this year.
     Abbie, daughter number 2, has an Archaeology class on Saturdays, so she will be busy all day diggin' in the dirt.
     These type of  pictures have been popular on Facebook and this is one that Abbie and her Archaeology buddies posted. This is not far from the truth. I love that she just wants to see the world and get a lot of education. Whatever the Lord brings along the way, is fine with Abbie.
   This is one of the 3 top pictures that Johanna picked from her year to make her graduation announcements. She was asked if they were professionally taken, because WalMart isn't suppose make reprints without the permission of the photographer. She told the gal that she was the photographer. My question then was, "Who was your tripod?" She sets up the camera, she poses and her best friend or Abbie push the button on the camera.
    Busy month ahead. Ian will be 16 on the Cinco de Mayo. Johanna will graduate on the 19th and Mary and I will have graduation ceremonies on the 25th. Last year I had a post-it note on my Desk with that date on it to encourage me that was my goal. Time to make new goals.
     This week-end with the CGS in Davis is another goal that is about to be met. I am excited that the speaker for the first night is Art Shapiro . Dr. Shapiro is the Butterfly specialist at Davis. That almost make this GIS Butterfly very happy.

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