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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring is Finally Here

    The rain and wind has gone for a few days and we have been feeling Spring. My iris have not yet bloomed, but my friend who took some of my bulbs a few years ago has beautiful "purple flags." These iris are very special to me, because I got them while tending the garden of my dear friend, Earlene. For about 10 years I was: "Deena's Overall Cleaning and Garden Service". Earlene was one of my first and last clients. She has gone home to be with the Lord, but  she left big mark in my heart.
     I had the pleasure of being in the dressing room before heaven of a wonderful group of people. I liked to picture it as the place in a fancy hotel were the maid hands you a towel before returning to the dinning room. I only went to one of those kind of places once, but I often felt that I was allowed that kind of personal service to my clientele. They came to me from all walks of life: Earlene had worked in Kraft's factor, she would say, "You know, like the Mac n' Cheese" and as a secretary for a union. My last two clients were a retired teacher and a housewife who was born in a Basque sheep herding family. All my ladies were in there 80's and 90's when I released them to heaven or a nursing  home.
     That was one of the reasons I returned to school to get a degree and start my own career. Up to that time being a momie was good enough, but as my children were well into their teens, I knew it was time to prepare for the next career. Our oldest daughter is 21 today, the next daughter turned 19 in March, daughter number 3 is 17 and my son will be 16  May 5th.
       All my children are reasonable, polite, resourceful and believe in serving their community to make the world a better place. That was my goal as a parent to bring them up with this in mind and there is no disappointment in my heart. I am by no means a perfect parent. I don't think there is a perfect parent. We each have our weaknesses and strengths.
       Now my degree hangs on the wall and I am enjoying my first internship with GIS. This last weekend I was involved with a geo-chasing event at Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA.
The weather was perfect and we had a variety of ages participate. A week ago Friday we went around the park setting points for the GPS units. On Saturday I deposited plastic eggs at the spots with a clue inside. When all 7 clues were put together it spelled out: "Happy 15th Birthday Paul Bunyan Forest Camp".  What fun!
     A group of  Girl Scouts were one of the first to complete the hunt. It was exciting that they were completing their GPS badge. Turtle Bay works with the local girl scout to help them with various badges. This was the first GPS badge to we awarded from one of our GPS geochasing days.
   In two weeks I get to go to the CA Geographical Society Conference in Davis. This will be my first big event to see lots of GIS people together.
    Back to the now and here. I wont hang up the "mommie hat" for another few years, so I need to put some clothes on the line and enjoy some wonderful spring air.

~GIS εїз

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