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Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Artistic Flare is Sometimes Messy

What to do in an empty nest...

 This past week was exhausting.
I spent half  of each day listening to small children read while timing them for one minute. 45 words a minute is an exhausting speed to follow, thankfully most read at least 65 to 80, some even as fast as 250.

The best part of the week was the sun finally came out.

My weekend project was painting my son's baby chair.

Barnsie will sit here for now
I added a collection of my art below.
It seems the painting clog my brain until I put them on canvas, paper or wood.
The sunflower was blocking the hedgehog Christmas cards.
I didn't see the fairy with the sunflower until it was on the paper.
I wasn't planing to make the picture last weekend so messy...
it just came out that way.

I paint from my spirit.
I paint with my heart.
Sometimes I paint to music.
This weekend I painted the chair with my
hummingbird buzzing around my head.
(I have never been eye to eye with a hummingbird.)

My next painting will be a hummingbird.
Maybe next weekend.
God only knows.

Last weekend a friend brought me a terracotta worm for a pot
 So I had to buy flowers and a pot

Johanna and Steven have been married almost a year
and I finally have their picture framed

Abbie's Picture on the left

I made over a dozen Hedgehog Christmas Cards 

My inspiration board

Last weekends painting

My rainy day crayon melt
The flower that was stuck in my head in front of the hedgehogs

Snow in Redding, what a crazy winter

For Redding Winter is over. This week we will see sun everyday and may not have anymore frost after Tuesday. It is freezing at night and soon to be 65 degrees in the day. I am looking forward to the sunny days and drying out the I-5 cor-adore, so that I can see my Grandbaby girl Easter weekend.

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