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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Good Bye January ~ Hello Februrary

January 2017 just went on FOR-EV-ER!
I work an average of 50 hours a week and some of those days went by very fast, but the miles on my aching feet took their toll. Don't get me wrong, I have a great job, with great people and the most wonderful pair of USA clog "Mary Jane's" you will ever see...
...January in this town is just plan wet and dreary. I have considered hip waders for the cross walk gig.
A week or so ago, I got the latest book that I am advance release Reading. Change your HOME Change your LIFE with COLOR. by Moll Anderson (click the title to see the Amazon order page)

Some of the questions that have come up with me while reading the book are:

* what colors in your box are used the most often? Me: Blue and Green
* what is your favorite color? Me: Magenta
* what color would you be if you could be any? Me: Yellow

(If you can't figure out why I had those answers IM me.)

Last weekend I was going to write my January blog (I had promised myself to at least blog once a month in 2017.) Save by GRACE here. I was sick and went to a conference on Saturday, which means I only have one day off, Sunday. I was sick and knew one of my team would be off on Monday, so I dragged myself to work Monday and took my sick day on Tuesday, by which time  I was really a mess.

Saturday January 28th I attended THE REMIX, Region 2, Expanded Learning Conference. This is to give after school program leaders help and encouragement. The key note speaker, helped me to understand a little better how the kid of today thinks. Of course my Littles are only Five, so, they don't quit fit with the current generation that have an electrical device in their hands at all times.

The second session I attended was on Purposeful Eating as well as other Purposeful choices in their day to day life. This month, I will be working at a club after school that involves Yoga and Self Defense. We will implement some of the Purposeful eating and thinking with this club.

My final session of the day was with Brandon Leake. He is a young poet who help me write a poem about my Littles.

Balls Popping in Pod 1

My students are tired or overwhelmingly busy
One flops on the floor while another is a Whirling Dervish
They are like a child's popcorn popping machine
Multicolored balls popping, falling and banging against each other
Within my protective bubble as I drive them through the afternoon
Pop! Pop! Pop!
When we sit in the Pod ~ I teach them love
Love for each other, respect, and
 acceptance of each others differences
Teaching by example, creating beauty and learning to be beautiful people
Who care for each other 

~Now I am up to date with my blog for last weekend.

Today: I got a zipper sewed in the sweatshirt they gave us last year at the conference

Baby Girl: Emelia is sitting all by herself.
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February is the shortest month of the year, however, it seems like it is really going to be short in 2017. I only have 15 days of school and 8 day off after today. I'm planning on finishing up this book review and getting a lot of rest and reading this month.

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