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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Everyday Miracles

 Happy 6 month Grammie day to me.

Today is Emelia's 6 month birthday, but the road is flooded in places along I-5 and I just don't like to drive in the rain. She called and chatted with me a few nights ago. Em is quit a talker, besides being the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

I wish Grammie was here.

Good morning Grammie! 

Empty Nest

May 1996 I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.
Cincho de Mayo was never the same for us.

The little boy became a man.

Ian almost 21 years old
Then yesterday this happened:
The young man moved out

bike and Legos behind the screen all that remain

Flip the page...new chapter

I'm still sorting through Moll Anderson's color book. Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color. I had an aversion to the avocado color of the 1960's, since all the dirty fixtures of my home for the last 28 years had been that color. With this book I was able to buy a chair and reconcile myself to that color and get a bar stool/step stool in the process.

My reconciliation stool
On to other parts of my color journey...

I created a little Zen garden
However,it got flooded. Note to self keep it dry, or I will feel as though my head is underwater, or maybe it is just the effect of our seasonally early flowers blooming from all the rain.

View from my sink
Very odd having this open space, which for the past year and a half has been occupied by my son.
My Happy Board
I initiated a card and encouragement program among my coworkers. This has a few of the Happy Notes I have been given. "If you want a friend, be a friend".

The cloudy view
To date we have had 37 inches of rain since Oct. 1. The average rainfall is 34 inches a year  in Redding. The past two years we have been in a drought with not much more than 24 inches of rain a year. I love having the rain, but it has been a challenge to keep my "Happy" on all the time when the sky is like this day in and day out.

My new wind chime sounds like a bike bell
I found this beauty at a yard sale yesterday. It is leaded glass, sweet chimes and the wings of the hummingbird are on a hing. I cant wait for the wind and rain to die down, so I can hang it higher and enjoy the tickle and light through the glass.

Image may contain: text

This morning I was encouraged by a blogger who spoke of Miracles. I went to church and I heard a sermon on Miracles. In my own life I have had many Miracles. A Miracle is something that happens that is unexpected, unnatural and totally an act of God. A $100 bill hidden away in my purse that I did not put there, shoes for my children when I had no money for shoes, a child being healed of an illness that doctors can not explain.
Today my children all live in safe healthy environments. I live in a safe home of my own that is clean,beautiful and there is food enough, heat enough, clothes enough and so many extra that I did not ask for or imagine two years ago. That is my Miracle. I pray you will see your own Miracle today and be thankful.

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