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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Joy Dare ~ 2

    by Elanor Farjeon

    ♫ Morning has broken like the first morning;
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.
    Praise for the singing! Praise for the morning!
    Praise for them springing fresh from the Word!

    Sweet the rain’s new fall sunlit from heaven,
    Like the first dewfall on the first grass.
    Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden,
    Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

    Mine is the sunlight! Mine is the morning,
    Born of the one light Eden saw play!
    Praise with elation; praise ev’ry morning,
    God’s recreation of the new day! 

    As I view the crescent moon this morning at 6:30 am this song flooded my brain.

    22 The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;b
    His mercies never come to an end;
    23 they are new every morning;
    great is Your faithfulness.
    24 “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,
    “therefore I will hope in Him.”

    (Lamentations 3: 22-24 ESV)

    Marsha and Guy D'orange
    My cats were satisfied that I was feeding them, my singing to them was of no consequence.

    Today I rejoice in another day to praise my Creator and Savior.

    photo credit: Johanna Burnham Photography

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