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Butterfly- A colorful insect that flies from flower to flower pollinating and bring joy to the onlooker.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Roommate

     Monday I was kicking a soccer ball for our Corgi, Junior (JR) and the ball brush by a Dutchmen’s pipe butterfly lying on the grass.  One of the wings had lost some of the felt and it was 40 degrees and there was the possibility for more rain. I put my finger out and the butterfly climbed onto my finger. There is a vase of cut flowers in my room, so I brought the little fellow in expecting it to die.
The butterfly is still very much alive, three days later. I bought another bouquet of flower for my “flying flower”. I will hence refer to her with female pronouns. To add to my menagerie, a lady bug dropped on my desk yesterday. I have had a number of them winter in my house this year. I understand this is not uncommon in the eastern states, but I have never heard of this in my area.
For more information on ladybugs in your house see:  http://www.ladybuglady.com/infestation.htm

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