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Friday, March 23, 2012

March Winds Bring April Showers?

I was brought up with the saying, "March Winds bring April Showers and April Showers bring May Flowers". Here in my part of Northern California we get the wind and the showers all at once and daffodils bloom in January.
         One of my favorite blogs is:http://rfgblog.maryjanesfarm.org I just got the update today and Shery is talking about the March winds on her Wyoming cattle ranch. She has a great way of saying what I would, so enjoy her story of the winds in Wyoming.
           I just figured out how to add a picture in the middle of a post. This is a pour off I recently discovered on a hike on one of the rare days this month that it wasn’t raining and blowing. We were at only 2/3 of the needed rainfall for our area at the beginning of March, but I think God has been making up for that the last two weeks. Get our your raincoat, I hear we are in for more rain tonight.