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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Grammie Butterfy

                         Birthday Cake on Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update

Em turned "1" August 19th

I have been Grammie Butterfly an entire year now. Met this little bundle of love a little less than a year ago after she came home from hospital. I loved having her visit me this month and explore my world from a one year old lense. The last thing she showed me was that she could run my old Boom Box. She loves to dance and will dance at the slightest beat. She walked over and turned it off, turned it on and adjusted the volume from the buttons on the top of the music box.

Sunbutter Brownies are my "go to" snack this summer that I will continue to make weekly for my school snack. I add cocoa nips for crunch and make them in the muffin tin. I use Trader Joe's peanut butter that has chia and flax seeds.

We had our final 'Good Bye, Friend" to Taylor yesterday at a celebration of life

I bought myself a back to school bouquet of  gladiolas, carnations and a sunflower.

I found a starfish all purple and dead on the beach during our last adventure of beach combing. When I put him in alcohol he turned orange. I placed it on a rock and wrapped rubber bands around to help it dry. The rubber bands popped in the sun this week, so I guess, it is done?🌟

New Year, New Beginings

Everyone is a flutter about the solar eclipse tomorrow. To some it seems like Y2K all over again. To me it means working with a team to keep 1,000 plus children from not looking directly at the sun from 9 am to noon, or any other time for that matter. We will use our rainy day recess schedule and the teachers will take out their class with a lot of instruction and special eclipse viewing glasses. So, many notes home, phone calls and instructions have been made. 
I can't imagine what it was like for the children in 1918. There were no special glasses handed to every child in school, there was no media blitz causing traffic pile ups in central Oregon, there was little warning to many people in rural America, I would guess.
When I think of 1918, my mind runs to the major influenza pandemic of the winter of 1918 to 1919. These people in America had just witness a full eclipse of the sun in June and by the end of the following year between 20 and 40 million people had died. 
As one of my favorite authors Francis Shaffer would say, "So, how shall we then live?"

I plan to live in hope. I am celebrating another anniversary this weekend. 2 years ago, my son and I moved from a lifestyle of destruction, anger and filth...to new hope, health, clean living. We embarked on a lifestyle that we made the choices and need only account for the choices we made for ourselves. Grammie Butterfly, Mum, Sister, Friend and Co-worker, Teacher Deena, Mrs. Burnham are names I hear each day. My Mantra for the school year is, "I feel what I think and I think I am loved." Very simply, if I think I am loved and share love everywhere I go, what others decide to think and feel are not my problem.  This little card titled, "One Click" is what I will hold too.

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