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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcoming Spring

In many parts of the USA it is not even close to Spring, but here is Northern California it seems Spring has Sprung.

My son had a four day weekend for the President Holidays, so I did my lastest Spring Cleaning and reflection before I start work next Monday.

This weekend I discovered a new Blog: Alume. They had a conference in October and I was blessed by their website to view  FIVE of the Keynote speakers.

*  I had recently read Sophie Hudson's book: A Little Sweet to cut the Salty as a free e-book. It was exciting to see her speak and her message that we need not be competitive in our blog world was refreshing to hear.
*  Logan Wolfram was a new name to me and she was the head of the conference. Her encouragement to get a Turquoise Table or in my case a Turquoise Table Cloth for Starbucks to exercise hospitality where I live helped to affirm the way my mind has been running lately on the subject of hospitality.  Hospitality is where you live not making something up to look like a magazine or Pinterest.
*  Shauna Niequist was another new name for me. Her book on the Bittersweet of life was compelling enough that I added it to my Kindle account. I'm about 26% through and I have laughed, cried and thought some deep thought since opening that book. (Don't you just love how Kindle tells you how far you have to go and how many hours it will take to read? How do they gauge that reading speed?)
*  Tim Willard is a young man that will take me years to understand. His book Veneer is on the 2015 Gis-Butterfly reading list. He is a Fellow at Oxford studying C S Lewis with a wife and two young children. He really gets you out of the box and his sample book on Kindle shows that he speaks a simple mans language on deep topics.
*  Finally, Jeremy Courtney , he and his wife founded Preemptive Love Coalition. They have assisted in helping over 1,000 children get heart surgery in Iraq. We don't think about what this war has done to the village people of that country. He and his team are helping the Iraqi people to update their hospitals and get the surgeons they need to help this war torn country. They are working from the inside out in Iraq.

So, I did some deep thinking as I prepared for Ash Wednesday and then I got out the old Singer and made an apron for my daughter at HSU Children's Center.

Displaying 20150214_153000.jpgDisplaying 20150215_135159.jpg

Displaying 20150214_110215.jpg
I had a client who was the seamstress for Donna Douglas and she gave me this Dress Form
that was used for Donna as "Ellie Mae" on the Beverly Hillbillies.
My oldest Daughter brought me a Solar Optic Butterfly, Dragonfly and Hummingbird for Valentine's Day to enjoy in my rock garden at night.

Displaying 20150216_183704.jpgDisplaying 20150216_183711.jpg

Going into the season of lent may I suggest I Corinthians 10:31~

 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.


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