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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Season at a Time Please

"The heart of man plans his way,
but  the Lord establishes his steps."

                                 Wednesday, September 4, 2013 ~ the beginning of a new era in my life. 35 years ago I began a journey that took me from all my hopes and dreams to see things and do thing that I would never have imagined in my small berg of the Northern California High Desert. Moving to L.A. my life was totally changed in a different direction. I made the choice to leave the comfort of home, but had no idea where I was going or what I would be doing. Such is the carefree heart of a teenage girl, just one month after my 19th birthday. The only goal in my life was to be a Mom and that goal was not truly met for "13 years"!
                                   Fast forward 35 years. My greatest goal to being a Mommie and train up my children in the way they should go has been realized. (Prov. 22:6) Each child has gone their own way seeking the will of God for their own life.(Prov. 19:21)  My prayer being that the Lord will  rule in their hearts and minds, and that they will be thankful. (Col. 3:15) My oldest daughter living off on her own and driving a school bus in her own words, "to create consistency in their little lives." The two younger girls experiencing university life in two different cities as juniors, spreading The Light. (Matt.5:16) Leaving my son at home to shine His light as a senior at high school.
                                    Loosing my job in July allowed me precious time to spend with the girls before they left home. Refocusing on the goal, no long a "get by job", but to encourage heart that they may know Christ. (Col. 2: 1-3) So, how does that look? How do I translate that into income to make a living? What is most important to me? It seems I am standing in front a blank canvas of future. I have some dreams in my head that I want to put into the future plan, but the part that glues it all together has not been revealed.
                                   Autumn has always been my favorite season. Now I approach the Autumn of my life. Truly, raising my children was the Summer of Life for me. The heat, the long days, reading books under the giant valley oak in the back yard. The teachable moment of: frogs in the lawn, kittens being born, the smell of hot horse, as well as, bee stings, scraped chin or forehead from bike accidents, and when we have to start school the bitter-sweet moments of fresh new books with new assignments with due dates.
                                   Next it is time to sort the jean that have to cover the scrape knee scares. Time to trim the toe nails a little shorter to fit in the sneakers and reacquaint myself with the hoody collection in my the closet. I have run out of analogies and thoughts to go with the future. It is time to dream.
                                    I got an amazing offer from my sister to take a trip the final week-end of summer. When I return  I will be ready for a new season. I am thankful the seasons of life do not come in bombardment like "cinnamon pine cones" being sold before Labor Day. I will rest in the Lord for He has a plan for me with a hope and future. (Jerem. 29:11)    I want to glorify God in whatever I do. 

                    For more on Glorifying God this 5 minutes video was posted today by Karen Ehman.

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