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Friday, August 2, 2013

♫ Happy Birthday to Me ♫

Mother/Daughter Sun Hats

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My Story

My story began on August 2nd, 1959 in Pioneer Memorial Hospital in Prineville, OR.
I was born the third of three girls with Elaine and Cheri being six and five years older.
Jump ahead many years and many adventures to 1987, I married Wesley Burnham of Cottonwood, CA.
Within 8 years later I was the mother of four wonderful children, Mary, Abbie, Johanna and Ian
(now 17-22)
First of all I am a daughter of the King of Kings.
I have an AS in Business Administration and though I am currently "unemployed" I have always been "employed" at something.
Currently, I am reading two books:
I have 4 out of 8 bird houses done on my latest counted cross stitch which incorporates my joy of cross stitch with my love for quilts.
I have so much to do and so little time to do it...



  1. Beautiful post! Lovely. Have a great day!

    Your FMF neighbor!

  2. Hello, Deena! Sorry it's been awhile. Such a beautiful story - God is so Good, isn't He? I think my favorite part, though, is the last couple of lines: "I have so much to do and so little time to do it . . . STOP" I know that's just where your five minutes ended, but I think there's such profound truth there! I need to learn to do that - when I'm busy with anything and everything and there's just never enough time - stop. Just stop. It'll all get done. There are more important things in life. Thank you for the reminder, friend (intended or not)! God bless!

  3. So true Mary, I did not think of it that way. I just took Johanna over to Coast to University and dropped her off. Now she has the big job of finding a place for everything. I think it is doable, but that will be her new world to explore. I must "stop", pray, and wait for God to work the healing of separation.
    BTW: the bookshelf looks great and I really liked your post today.