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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Poem

I had a little Thankful Muse as I was doing chores yesterday.

Thanksgiving 2016

Flannel Sheets for my bed
Loved ones voices in my head

Hummingbirds out my window
Little Em's Bow

Turkey in the oven
with a pumpkin muffin

Little's Thanksgiving note
So much rain, I may need a boat

Gluten Free Fish in my homemade goo
Emeila's Coo

Lavender and essential oils
No more boils

Washer, dryer, dishwasher and heat
My little nest can't be beat

Thankful to my God above
For all my family's and friend's love

Here are a few pictures that were going through my head as I amused myself with the Muse.

Flannel Sheets

Em's Coos

Em's Bow

Em researching the Crawl

Heads Up

Dress Up

Cuddle with Grammie

Ian's GF Fish

Rain inside and Out
So glad the election is over

A year ago I was exhausted. My body, soul and spirit were all in shock. I had to move the week school started and Thanksgiving break I went to an Abbey to rest and just feel. I rested and listened to the Monk's in the little chapel for three days. On Thanksgiving day they brought the three guest a full Thanksgiving dinner. I painted,  went for walks in the vineyard, sang, read and rested.
Over a year since that fateful move in August of 2015. I have excepted I get to stay in my little nest.
I have an amazing little Granddaughter who will call me, "Grammie" and we will paint together.
I get to work  at 2+ jobs for 10 hours a day Monday to Friday and 6 hours on all school Holidays.
My sister and I had a fantastic vacation in San Francisco this last year and I'm planning the same next August. 
I have had unbelievable hurt this last year and found out that I will choose Happiness.
My friends have rallied around me and I know I am loved and valued. 
My work is more than worth the time I spend.
I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving

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