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Friday, January 4, 2013

Opportunity - 5 minute Friday

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Breath again

Bigger Breath

I am now in an new Opportunity

3 weeks ago 3 of us were hired

Now there are 5 people gone from those we were hired with and only 3 left with the 3 of us

On Monday or Wednesday, I don't remember, I was moved into one of the peoples desks that is gone

I cleaned it and disinfected it within an inch of it's life

How could a person live in a desk with an inch of dust?

Why did she get chosen to leave and I got chosen to stay?

I am God's chosen...I don't think she was a believer and now I wont get a chance to find out.

My Opportunity to share with her was brief.

Did I glorify God with my actions and speech?

Now I feel more intentional to live Christ to the ones who are left.

Not in a preachy way, but in a way that pleases God.

Actions, Deeds, Helping when I can.

Meanwhile, I am new in an organization that I know little about.

Watching my P's and Q's.

The opportunity is amazing to show Christ it a lost and dying world.

Read about my New Years ideas in the Jan 1st post.

My post will be brief and few as it seems working on a computer for 8-10 hours a day Blogging will be a little harder.


  1. It is so difficult to take those opportunities, and so easy to regret not taking them. Thank you so much for sharing all this, Deena!

    1. Thanks. It is a challenging job. When I was in school the past 3 years I felt I was in the world, but now I see how sheltered a school world can be. My work load has increased more than double, but by the Grace of GOD I will persevere. May HE get the glory.

  2. Congratulations, and all the best! Sounds like very long days coming up.