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Monday, June 25, 2012

Volonte Park

Today I went for a walk in Anderson, CA at Volonte Park. It is a wildlife trail around a wetland. The ACID (Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District) canal has an aqua duct that goes over the top of the trail head on South Street. There is a skate park and baseball field and  I never imagined that it was such a nice trail.
ACID Aqua Duct
ACID Aqua Duct
South Volonte Wetlands Trail Head

Stork on Bridge

Beaver on Bridge

Duck on Bridge

Turtle on Bridge

View of the Wetlands
It was a nice place to walk. I picked my first black berry of the season. They had special workout stations along the trail made by Playworld Systems. It is for 50+. That is a contrast to the "official Skate Park" and the baseball field that are in Volonte Park. Someone must have gotten a grant.
I plan to walk there each of the 8 days Ian has left of summer school. He will be done July 6th.
My mom used to tell me every summer, "Get a job or go to summer school." Next year I hope my son choose, "Get a job."

I have also joined the library reading program for the summer in Anderson. My next blog I will discuss some of the books I am reading.



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